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 Future Apprentices: Applications Now Open!

Access more opportunities with Group Training.

Through the Automotive Institute of Technology, The MTA WA has an automotive apprentice employment arm, called the GTO.

The GTO specialises in recruiting and on behalf of host businesses - by actively sourcing, employing and training automotive apprentices involved in trades such as light and heavy vehicle technicians, panel beaters and spray painters.

Successful applicants are placed with host employers and are supported throughout their apprenticeship by our experienced support officers, which means that host employers are available to provide the best practical work placement experience possible for apprentices.

If you're interested in getting a fantastic employment opportunity with the backing and support of the Automotive Institute of Technology, please download and complete the application form and return to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or, if you'd like more information contact Group Training on 9233 9800 - Whether it's an initial enquiry or ongoing support, we're here to look after you.



Group Training - The Employer's Choice

AIT is a registered Group Training Organisation (GTO). We take the hassle out of employing your next apprentice, ensuring they are the "perfect fit" for your business requirements. We employ your apprentice and provide constant monitoring and communication throughout the apprenticeship period.

You will only need to pay an hourly charge-out rate, as set out in the appropriate Award, according to the hours worked by the apprentice/trainee within your workplace. You do not pay for the apprentice/trainee's time at 'off-the-job' training, any leave or superannuation. We make the process seamless and cover:

  • 4 weeks annual leave
  • 17.5% annual loading
  • Public holidays in accordance with award entitlements
  • Sick and bereavement leave in accordance with award entitlements
  • Attendance at trade school
  • School fees
  • Superannuation in accordance with Superannuation Guarantee Act
  • Tool kits
  • Administration of Work Cover premiums (where applicable)
  • Training Contracts and Government liaison

In addition to the above benefits, trade qualified and experienced Field Officers regularly visit workplaces to monitor the progress of apprentices/trainees, discuss any issues that arise and mediate as required.

You only need to spend time on what matters most—training your apprentice or trainee in the workplace!

What employers say about Group Training

"Gino’s Panel & Paint has enjoyed a successful and mutually beneficial long association with the
Motor Trade Association of Western Australia. As a host employer delivering on the job training for
apprentices as well as workplace experience for pre-apprentice and pre-traineeship candidates,
Gino’s has been provided with a high standard of support by the MTA WA. The prompt and
professional response from training managers and field officers -especially in managing any
performance or conduct concerns – allows Gino’s to focus more valuable time on providing
quality training and real workplace experience for apprentices. Gino’s is proud to partner the
MTA WA in this important task of providing skilled technicians for this evolving industry."


 "We recruit them through MTA WA and have done for at least the past 10 years, probably longer. When we’re ready to select an apprentice, or when we’re due to take on an apprentice, we give the MTA WA a call and they’ll do the initial screening. We’ll be sent one, two or three apprentices that our MTA training representative thinks is suitable for our business. Immediately that saves us time, and we have a choice of people hand-selected for our business.

We have one apprentice who’s outside the MTA system – that was his choice due to the location of the training centre. Last year, this apprentice injured his back in his personal time but that led to four months off work, which was a bit of a strain on the business. Under normal arrangements with MTA we could have had options to replace him."


How does the Institute's Group Training select apprentices?

To assist you in securing the best person for the job, we recruit our apprentices using tried and tested means to measure suitability for the trade and the business.

We ensure the following:

  • Aptitude testing of each applicant to make sure they are able to cope with the training program;
  • Screen each applicant against the requirements of the business;
  • Send the employer a vetted short-list of applicants to choose an apprentice;
  • Manage the apprentice throughout the apprenticeship; and
  • Save the business time and money.

What's involved for the Host Employer in Group Training?

If you choose the Group Training option for your apprentice or trainee there are a number of items Institute requires of you as a Host Employer. These requirements are as follows:

  • Provide training and work to the apprentice/trainee relevant to the apprenticeship/traineeship.
  • Check and sign time sheets for hours worked.
  • Ensure the apprentice/trainee attends all off-the-job training at the Institute.
  • Allow the Apprentice Field Officer access to the apprentice/trainee during working hours to discuss his or her progress.
  • Notify the Institute immediately of any accident/incident.
  • Pay the weekly Institute invoice within 7 days of receipt of invoice.

Want more information?

Contact Paul Harvey, Assistant Group Training Organisation (GTO) Manager at the Automotive Institute of Technology on 9233 9800 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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