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SuperPro Press Tool Kits - Now avilable at Bursons Auto Parts SuperPro Press Tool Kits - Now avilable at Bursons Auto Parts

Every so often along comes a new tool or gadget that makes you think about the way things are done in your workshop. The SuperPro Press Tools are one of those tools. Most old and new suspension bushings are pressed out and in with old bearing shells, sockets or anything you can find. This creates a safety issue; given that heat treated steel will shatter under stress.


The assortment of sleeves that make up the SuperPro Press Tool Kit are made from mild steel to allow distortion or crush when over-pressed.


  • 18 Mild Steel Sleeves
  • Sizes 18mm to 113mm OD, in 5mm Increments
  • Easily Machined to suit specific jobs
  • Sleeves are individually numbered for single replacement
  • Sizes are matched to suit common bushing sizes


  • Is a new addition, these tools are designed to negate the need for plates or other improvied bits and pieces. They are designed to fit perfectly into the press dies of PRESSKIT 1.
  • Available separately to allow PRESSKIT 1 owners to purchase the extra tooling.


  • This is the complete package, both tools together to make any press job easy and safe!

Available from Burson Auto Parts.

For more information call 1300 Burson (1300 287 766) or visit

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