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MTA WA recommends that our members exercise caution and consider the repercussions of choosing to fit customer supplied parts, particularly the possibility of liability claims. By agreeing to fit parts supplied by a customer, you are making a judgement call that the part is fit for purpose.

If a fault or failure occurs following the repair you may be liable. You are considered an expert and will be judged on your decision to fit the parts in the event of an incident.

Unfortunately many counterfeit and poorly copied parts can be found in Australia. In addition, customers can also purchase parts online without ensuring their ability to perform as required. To protect yourself MTA WA recommends that you only fit parts which you trust, and you have sourced from a trusted reputable supplier.

If you decide to fit the customer supplied parts, ensure that you bring the customer’s attention to the MTA WA Customer Supplied Parts poster on display at your business. Always ensure the parts are recognised parts in Australia and that you are familiar with the product. Make notes on both the invoice supplied to the customer and the one kept in your business records that explicitly state that the parts used were supplied by the customer and that they were given the appropriate information before the parts were fitted. This may be useful in the future if a claim is made.

Remember: if you agree to fit the parts, you offer warranty on labour, but no warranty or guarantee on the parts supplied by the customer.

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MTA WA Division Manager Graham Cawley has been involved in the automotive industry since 1993. He’s got an extensive automotive background and is a qualified automotive technician, vehicle investigator, automotive trainer and occupational health and safety expert. He previously owned his own automotive repair business and has a practical understanding of the issues members face day-to-day.  He’s also a passionate four wheel driver.

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