Wednesday, 05 July 2017 15:14

AMBRA chairman Jeff Williams is urging repairers who work for IAG to read the revised terms of authority very carefully.

"After much discussion through meetings with IAG in Melbourne and Sydney a revised terms of authority, which will come into effect from 1 July 2017, has been published and distributed by IAG," Williams said. "The new revised terms represents a change from those proposed on 1 March 2017, moving towards a rebalanced approach for the industry.

"AMBRA does ask repairers to read and understand the terms you are agreeing to once you accept the repair authority. IAG’s repair authority is more overbearing in its terms than other repair authorities offered by other insurers but it has reinstated the 1 May 2017 MVIRI code provisions prevailing."

Williams went on to thank state based small business commissioners and their representatives for their participation in forming the new terms and the open willingness of IAG to take part in discussion. "The spirit in which the revised terms have been acknowledged are subject to a continuous feedback," Williams said.

IAG parts trial
Williams also commented that the IAG parts trial continues to be a point of much discussion. " AMBRA continues to seek further transparency into how these IAG exclusive dealings will affect the greater industry’s non-partnered repairers in retaining balanced relationships with manufacturers, dealers, suppliers, repairers and ultimately the consumers

Source:, 28 June 2017

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