Monday, 10 July 2017 12:48

Main Roads WA conducted a survey of the WA Heavy Vehicle Fleet between Steptember 2017 and January 2017.  The survey included a range of heavy vehicle types from rigid trucks to road trains, as well as plant equipment and special purpose vehicles such as cranes.  The survey inspection target was 1,500 vehicles, which were selected randomly across the state.

The purpose of the Roadworthiness Survey was to gain a better understanding of the conditions of WA's heavy vehicle fleet and to set a bench mark to measure the progress of future roadworthiness improvement programs.

Main Roads WA conducted 1591 inspections during the survey. Of these 1591 inspections, 438 resulted in defects being identified.

1591 inspections comprised of 3340 vehicle units and of these units a total of 605 defects were identified.  This equates to an average of 13.5% of WA heavy vehicle fleet both hauling and towed vheicles having a defect.

Download the infographic for more details of the results.

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