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The MTAWA did advise Perth Airport that it would be helpful in future to have a longer lead time of any changes, especially in relation to price increases as operators have contracts in place with their customers and require adequate lead times to make necessary changes to accommodate price increases.  Perth Airport apologised for the late notice which was as a consequence of a number of internal procedures.

As members will have noted, there have been some changes and price increases for SCV card holders at Perth Airport which came into effect on 1 July 2017.

To ensure that we had a full understanding of what had been introduced, the MTAWA met with senior representatives from Perth Airport on the 6th of July to discuss the latest changes.

Firstly it must be remembered that Perth Airport is a commercial operation and is bound to review its fees and charges on a regular basis.

The introduction of ‘rideshare’ services to Perth Airport has presented a number of challenges including the need to ensure appropriate access for the new entrants along with the need to ensure that congestion in and around the terminal pick up and drop off areas was minimised.

Perth Airport provides facilities for ‘rideshare’ operators who have entered into a commercial agreement with Perth Airport and a fee of $3.00 applies each time a pick up is conducted at Perth Airport.

The agreement provides authorised rideshare drivers with access to holding areas while they wait for a pick up request as well as pick up bays located near the terminals.

Use of the holding area for the first 60 minutes is free and thereafter fees apply at the standard short term car park rate.

Enforcement of fees for use of the holding areas exceeding 60 minutes has been delayed while Perth Airport arranges required amendments to the access control gates.

Introduction of a $3 fee for the first ten minutes of use for SCV card holders accessing the short term car parks ensures that a consistent pick up fee is charged for all on-demand operators including taxis, rideshare and small charter vehicles.

Without this fee, new market entrants seeking to conduct coordinated passenger pick-ups within short term car parks would operate without detection and this is not acceptable as Perth Airport seeks to deliver competitive neutrality where possible.

The escalation of fees for longer durations is designed to ensure sufficient bay availability for all due to the increased usage experienced as a result of deregulation.

Perth Airport card usage records indicate that 80% of SCV transactions will be unaffected by the increase as they exit the airports facilities in under 1 hour and only 2% of users stay for over 2 hours.

To assist SCV card holders to use the parking areas in the most efficient manner, Perth Airport now allows up to 60 minutes free parking within its long term car parks.

Rideshare operators do not have access to the designated SCV parking areas or discounted parking rates available to SCV card holders.

Please refer to Perth Airport’s website for details of the applicable fees for ground transport operators at Perth Airport – a link to the relevant website page is provided below:


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