Thursday, 07 September 2017 08:18

The Department of Transport (DoT) has created a new online vehicle modification application to streamline the process.  Gone is the old manual process of downloading, printing and posting the application form to DoT’s Vehicle Operations team.

The new online application is simple and requires information relevant only to the particular modification request, making the process much quicker.  When an application is submitted, the applicant will receive an immediate email response from Vehicle Operations with a PDF copy of the application.

If there are diagrams, drawings or photos that the applicant wishes to submit to support the application, simply reply to the Vehicle Operations’ email response attaching the supporting materials, and they will be included with the application. The application will be assessed by the Vehicle Operations team and the applicant advised of the status of the application.

Another important enhancement is the inclusion of an option to pre-pay the modification permit online through your Department of Transports DoTDirect account or via web payment using credit card. If you don’t yet have a DoTDirect account you can register at

This innovation means the whole application and payment process can be completed online.

Remember to pre-pay for a vehicle modification permit before presenting the modified vehicle for inspection as a receipt number is essential to activate the permit.

For more information on modifying a vehicle and to access the online form visit

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