Tuesday, 03 April 2018 09:12

Long Service Leave: Applicable to BOTH Federal and State Systems

Is a casual employee entitled to long service leave?


In accordance with the Long Service Leave Act 1958 (WA), full-time, part-time and casual employees are entitled to long service leave.

When does an employee become entitled to long service leave?

The long service leave entitlement for an employee is:
• After 10 years of continuous employment working in the same business - 82/3 weeks paid leave (an accrual of 0.8667 weeks of long service leave for every completed year of service).
• For every 5 years of continuous employment working in the same business after the initial 10 years - 41/3 weeks paid leave.

When an employee resigns, is dismissed, is made redundant, or dies, different provisions apply.

How is long service leave calculated for an employee whose hours have varied over the course of their employment?

For casual employees, part time employees or employees who have converted from full time to part time etc , the hours the employee has worked per week are averaged for the period of employment during which the long service leave accrued.

In order to calculate the entitlement, keeping time and wages records is very important.

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