Tuesday, 10 April 2018 12:01

'Fair Work' Audits are happening in WA & up to 52% of businesses aren’t compliant. We can Help! Image: Sourced under license - Shutterstock

How the MTA WA can help you avoid fines and back-pay during the current audit sweep of WA.


  • Mass checks being conducted by the Fair Work Ombudsman in WA
  • Up to 52% of businesses checked are not compliant
  • MTA WA offers IR Audit services and reviews
  • Heavily discounted member rates
  • Could save you thousands of dollars in back pay and fines
  • Contact Ron Ballucci This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info

Recent business checks conducted by the Fair Work Ombudsman have occurred at almost 300 businesses across Armadale, Kwinana, Rockingham, Albany, Denmark, Manjimup and areas nearby.

Whilst many businesses are simply unaware or not up to date with the latest Industrial Relations legislation and award rates, a select few have deliberately flouted the law.

Overall, in the Southern Perth Region, 39% of businesses were found to be non-compliant with a staggering 52% in the Albany-Manjimup region found to be non-compliant. These errors, intentional or not come at a large cost with $300,491 in ‘litigation recoveries’ and $161,270 in penalties. The average, well-meaning business stands to be fined thousands of dollars, should they be in breach.

It can be incredibly confusing and difficult to keep up to date, ensure that your staff are paid correctly and the appropriate entitlements and allowances are paid given the types of workers, ages and their respective entitlements. The Fair Work Ombudsman campaigns are ongoing, will target new regions as well as check back on the already inspected regions, so it’s incredibly important to stay compliant.

Fortunately, the MTA WA has an IR Audit service, conducted by our comprehensively skilled Industrial Relations team. From as little as $497, audits cover aspects including pay slips, wages, penalty rates, superannuation, visa worker compliance, entitlements and even meal break allowances! Given the mass checks being conducted and the ever changing legislation, this small investment could literally save you thousands – not to mention ensure your staff are provided what they are entitled to.

CONTACT RON BALLUCCI  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your needs in strict confidence.

Information and data referenced in this article has been sourced from the Fair Work Ombudsman Media Release Dated 10th April 2018 and can be read in full here https://goo.gl/ESGTi6

Whilst all care has been taken to accurately represent the information, we do not make any representations as to their accuracy and would direct any specific enquiries regarding the data and fines issued to contact the Fair Work Ombudsman directly.

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