Monday, 16 April 2018 10:54

MTA WA Group CEO Stephen Moir MTA WA Group CEO Stephen Moir

Motor Trade Association of Western Australia Group CEO Stephen Moir has been featured in WA Business News in a bid to educate the community on the importance of Payroll Tax exemptions for employers that employ trainees and apprentices, including many MTA WA members. (The article can be viewed by clicking HERE )

Many businesses invest heavily in training apprentices and have a reputation for nurturing talent. With some employer’s reluctant to take on apprentices and a shortage in the supply of motor trade apprentices, the MTA WA firmly believe that removing any such benefits will act as a disincentive to fulfilling the demand for local, skilled talent.

The WA state divisions of the Greens and Nationals parties have supported such a proposal, leaving the WA Liberal Party to strategically negotiate its survival.

Whilst there are likely to be wide-ranging efficiency cuts to benefits, subsidies, tax concessions and expenditure in WA in accordance with paying down the state’s debt, employers need to continue to be actively encouraged to take on apprentices and trainees. The desire to seek further revenues from today’s employers will likely serve only to reduce the amount of skilled industry participants, whom will almost certainly be future contributors to state’s revenues as they prosper from their unique skillset.

Any members with concerns should contact their local MP and explain their situation to assist with strengthening a constructive case against such cuts. The MTA WA represents its members and will always support legislation that maintains and enhances the strength of the Western Australian Motoring industry.

If you would like more information regarding what the MTA WA is doing in relation to this and other industry matters, please contact our Media and Communications Department via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will assist in providing information specific to your situation.

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