Thursday, 07 June 2018 11:27

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Ateco Automotive, the exclusive Australian company endorsed to remanufacture the Dodge "RAM 1500" in a right-hand-drive specification for Australia has completed its first RAM 1500 vehicle, 4x4 Australia Magazine reports.



Fast News:

The MTA WA proudly hosted Ateco Automotive for their technical training in Perth, which was held at our training facility in Balcatta. The training provided technicians with specific information regarding one of Ateco's other brands, namely the LDV D90.

The first RAM 1500 was driven "off the production line" by the Managing Director of Ateco Automotive, Roger Zagorski in Victoria. The process involves more than a 'steering and drive' conversion, with a customised dashboard, heating and ventilation systems among the changes that make the vehicle specific to the Australian market. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' 5.7 Litre HEMI engine powers the RAM 1500, which should be arriving in approved dealerships around late June, if they haven't already be allocated to existing orders.

It's fantastic to see some breadth added to the utility market in Australia beyond the dual-cab ute dominated market as it stands today. Whilst right-hand-drive conversions have been occurring previously through a number of importers, this vehicle represents a significant leap forward, with a manufacturer-endorsed full enhancement being undertaken for the RAM range by Ateco.

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