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Please note this notice has just been received from the Department of Transport

You can read the  original Department of Transport bulletin HERE

Inspection Exemptions for Interstate Vehicles No Longer Apply

As of 19 March 2018, all licensed interstate vehicles must be inspected and have a ‘Certificate of Inspection’ issued prior to the grant of a WA vehicle licence.

The Road Traffic (Vehicles) Inspection Order 2018 was gazetted on 16 March 2018 and removed the exemption from inspection for interstate light vehicles. The Road Traffic (Inspection of Vehicles) Notice 2012 was repealed.

All light vehicles registered or licensed interstate must now be inspected at an AIS and have a valid WA ‘Certificate of Inspection’ issued prior to the grant of a WA vehicle licence.

An ‘Application to License a Vehicle’ (VL17) form (copy this link into your browser),  proof of ownership and the interstate number plates are required to be presented with the ‘Certificate of Inspection’ (or the MR number) by the intended licensee in person at the time of licensing.

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