Monday, 25 June 2018 12:11

Initial reliability: How do car brands rank? Image sourced under licence: Shutterstock

California-based research firm JD Power has released the results of their Initial Quality Survey 2018 & we've brought you the key details!

  1. Results based on faults reported in first 90 days of ownership, calculated as 'Faults per 100 vehicles' - not JD-Power's long-term reliability survey
  2. 21 of the 31 brands improved since the last survey
  3. Based on reports from 75,712 owners
  4. Full tables, in-class results and details available HERE - results should be read in full. 

    Top 5 Brands based on overall rankings:

    1.) Genesis
    2.) Kia
    3.) Hyundai
    4.) Porsche
    5.) Ford

Brands receiving awards for production plants:

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