Friday, 07 September 2018 12:56

MEMBER ALERT: Credit Card Scammers Image Sourced Under Licence: Shutterstock



Members may have seen a television story this week that reported on a group of women who were using stolen credit card details to rip retailers off.

I have received reports from a member that a similar gang are also operating and attempting to pay for vehicle repairs and parts using the same techniques. The gang is using an overseas credit card and because of this, the financial institution is not refunding the money to the repairer resulting in a loss for our members.

Members are strongly advised to follow the practices below to minimise your risk of being defrauded.

  1. Only allow the owner of the vehicle to collect and pay for the vehicle following you completing the work. This gang are sending in “friends” to collect the vehicle because the owner is working away or is not able to collect it.
  1. Under no circumstance, allow the customer to manually enter a credit card number. If they don’t know their pin, get them to pay cash or come back when they have their pin. This gang will attempt to tap the card and enter what looks like the pin, but in fact, they have removed the card and are manually entering the card number that they have memorised. An alternative would be for you to ask for the card and you attempt to use it. Don’t allow the customer to touch your EFTPOS terminal.

Do not be tricked by the appearance of these individuals. From all reports, they are well educated, and presented individuals that do not raise any concerns.

If in doubt, call the WA Police immediately.

If you have any questions please give me a call.

Yours sincerely

Stephen Moir
Group CEO - MTA WA

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