Wednesday, 03 October 2018 08:33

The MTA WA has received a report of an attempted car-jacking from a franchise dealer, and members are urged to take pre-cautionary measures to prevent any similar types of offences.

The background to this instance was as follows:

  • Dealer contacted by customer to inspect a vehicle.
  • Customer states that they are unable to attend the dealership and requests that the vehicle is brought to an address. In this instance in Safety Bay.
  • On arrival at the premises, Dealer notices a number of vehicles in various states of disrepair.
  • Customer commences test drive and during the test Dealer notices the slow speed the customer was driving. Customer pulls vehicle into a suspicious side street outside a house and places vehicle in neutral and applies the hand brake.
  • The customer then starts texting someone at which point the Dealer queries him and instructs the customer to start driving.
  • The customer again drives the vehicle at a very slow speed. Dealer notices a text “where are you” on the customer’s phone.
  • At this point the Dealer asks for the car to be stopped and to swap into the driver’s seat.
  • The Dealer then returned to the origin of the test drive with no further action taking place.

The Dealer’s quick action in this instance more than likely avoided a crime being committed.

Dealers are reminded that where ever possible to have customers visit the dealership. Should it be necessary to take a vehicle to an address, it is strongly advised that two representatives from the dealership go with the vehicle.

Dealers should always remain in control of the test drive and at any point where they feel uncomfortable they should immediately terminate the test and return the vehicle to the dealership.

There has been an increase in vehicle theft and offenders are using a range of different tactics to steal vehicles. Rental operators are also being targeted, particularly with 4WD vehicles.  The MTA WA strongly recommends that all dealers apply an increased level of vigilance in their dealings to avoid falling victim to these crimes.

Stephen Moir

Group Chief Executive Officer


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