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Friday, 07 September 2018 12:56

MEMBER ALERT: Credit Card Scammers



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Scam-Artist at large in WA: The following article was published by Australasian Paint & Panel

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The following member alert has been written by the MTA WA Group CEO Mr.Stephen Moir in response to the "lenient" fines issued in what has been named the "largest illegal car dealer operation in WA History".

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Compulsory Takata Airbag Recall - ACCC briefing: What dealers and other automotive industries must know!

Key Points:

  • Briefing to be held 28th May 2018
  • Speakers include ACCC, Corrs Chambers Westgarth (Advisers to the Takata Task Force)
  • Interested parties should register below (Free)


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How the MTA WA can help you avoid fines and back-pay during the current audit sweep of WA.

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Friday, 16 March 2018 13:47

Beware of Bitcoin Tax Scammers

What’s happened?

The Australian Taxation Office is warning people to beware of scammers impersonating the ATO and demanding Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency as a form of payment for fake tax debts.

The ATO has seen over $50,000 paid in Bitcoin to scammers claiming fake ATO tax debts so far.

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  • Employers using contracted payroll processers urged to check their payroll tax is being paid to the State Government

  • Recent payroll tax audits have identified some contracted payroll processors are not passing on payroll taxes to the State Government, despite receiving payments from the employer

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We've had a number of members recently advise us that they've recieved phishing emails from scammers posing as the Department of Human Services.

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Monday, 26 June 2017 11:36

Telstra service scam

Stay Smart Online has reported a new wave of technical support scams impersonating Telstra. These scams may also be known as ‘Remote Access scams’ or ‘Impersonation scams’.

Victims are contacted by callers pretending to be representatives from Telstra reporting some kind of problem. (One recent scam, for example, claims that the lights blinking in a particular pattern on a modem or router indicates an issue).

These callers may either request remote access to your computer and/or ask for credit card details in order to charge a fake support fee or fix a false payment processing issue.

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Thursday, 04 May 2017 10:32

Fraudsters targeting WA dealers

MTA WA has had notification from the WA Police regarding a number of fraud offences that have been occurring throughout Western Australia. The offenders are using the same or similar method to purchase vehicles fraudulently from car yards.

The scenario is that someone will call to make a purchase of a vehicle or will come into the car yard and use between 2 or 3 credit cards to purchase it.  They will state that their first credit card only has a certain amount on it, so they will then give you another 1 or 2 credit cards to pay for it.

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